AG Services

From Seed through Processing & Brokerage, Tulip Tree Gardens provides farmers with turnkey solutions.

Hemp Seed & Transplant Services

Tissue Culture Transplants (Far superior to clones)

Feminized Seed (Midwest Genetics, BAOX x OTTO II Backcross, Additonal strains coming through our grow houses soon)

Non-Feminized Seed (Midwest Genetics, BAOX x OTTO II Backcross) Fantastic breeders stock with high phenotype variations, strong CBD & CBG phenotypes

Field & Cultivation Consulting, Startup & Launch Services

Transplant & Seeding Services to get your field planted properly & efficiently

Processing & Extraction Services

Distillation Services including multi-pass & remidiation

Dry Flower Processing & Curated Storage / Inventory

Brokerage Services: For farmers looking to sell their crop. We handle storage through sale. Please call 708.612.7094 for all processing and brokerage questions.                                                                                                                                                                                         Thank you and "Let Love Grow"