Community Supported Agriculture

What is community supported agriculture?

Community supported agriculture is a system that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farms.  The average distance that food travels from farm to consumer in the United States is approximately 1,300 miles. An advantage of obtaining food locally is that the money stays within the local community.

A CSA involves consumers who support a farmer financially by paying for a share of the farm's production prior to each growing season. The arrangement allows farmers to buy the seeds, transplants, and other inputs they need for the growing season, and pay their farm labor without waiting until harvest to generate revenue.  A benefit for our consumers who become involved in a CSA is that they can develop a long-term relationship with their local farmer, eat locally polinatted produce, learn where their food comes from and how its grown.


Tulip Tree Gardens Community Supported Agriculture

Tulip Tree Gardens was started from a personal need to have access to more fresh organic produce for our family and community.  This year we are excited to offer our CSA program.  Tulip Tree Gardens CSA program will allow you and your family to have local, organically grown, and heirloom produce and flowers for 12 weeks this summer.  From the week June 29th - September 12th.  Our extensive heirloom gardens provide a large variety of organically grown vegetables and flowers that will fill your produce drawer once a week.

Kickstart your endocannabinoid system this summer and add our seed to bottle CBD subscription alongside your CSA shares.  Here at Tulip Tree Gardens we recognize its more that just taking CBD.  We recognize that taking CBD alongside a diet filled with whole plants can give you the greatest health benefits. Who is ready for whole plant wellness?  Add our summer CBD subscription to your CSA share.


Ready for whole plant wellness?

Each week your family will enjoy a fresh bouquet of flowers, and a large variety of heirloom vegetables.

Examples include green tinted scallop squash, Chicago pickling cucumbers, atomic grape tomatoes, scarlet kale, black beauty tomato, cardinal basil, and much more.  All of our produce is hand selected and harvested at the perfect time of ripeness.  Our culinary director will be sharing simple recipes each week, and storage techniques.

We have 4 levels to our CSA program to accommodate the needs of your family.

Family of 1 -$120 ($10 per week)

Family of 2 - $230 ($19 per week)

Family of 4 - $340 ( $28 per week)

Family of 6 - $420 ($ 35 per week)

Add a summer CBD subscription we have different mg levels to better accommodate your personal needs.  Each month alongside of your CSA share you will receive a tincture of your mg choice and 2 CBD wellness products throughout the 12 week period including topical and edible products.

You pay 50% now and final payment is due prior to picking up your first CSA share.

Pick up your share each week at our farm stand: Monday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm.