Our Mission


"Tulip Tree Gardens’ organically grown products reflect our commitment to protecting and improving the health of our locality, the earth & its inhabitants. It’s the embodiment of family values and a corporate-wide passion for consumers health."

Sitting on 63 rolling creek side acres, Tulip Tree Gardens brings refuge to midwestern flora and fauna. Permaculture design standards bring vast plant and livestock diversity aiding in the implementation of a truly organic and regenerative farm.


We keep it local.

The support and common interests of our community is important to us. It is our dream to reconnect people with their, food, farmers & soils. We service our local community through our farm stand selling our companion plants to our hemp.  We sell a large variety of heirloom vegetables and flowers.  

At Tulip Tree Gardens, we take the medical and wellness market very seriously. Our fields are never fertilized with non-organic products. Careful review of OMRI certificates are handled prior to procurement & modern best practices are always used when applying.

Meet our founders.

Tulip Tree Gardens is dedicated to promoting the principles of health, diet and agriculture, founded by Rachael and Jesse Smedberg.

Jesse's perspective is shaped by more than 20 years in heavy machinery and engineering.  Rachael started Tulip Tree Gardens as a micro farm gaining her knowledge in soil health and organic practices while supplying her local community with organic produce.

Working together with their 4 year old twins they are truly living out their dreams as first generation farmers.  Engaging with the plants, dirt and their community day in and day out protecting the soil, biodiversity, and ecosystem is a privilege worth the effort.