The Quarantine Gift Box

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Our biggest box yet to make sure you get through the rest of quarantine. Our Terpene Infused Room Spray is one of our founders favorite, give your room a natural clean scent or simply spray on bed linens for a calming effect.  Our Oils will be sure to keep you anxiety at bay with our 3000mg oil, and boost your immune system with out Black Cumin 2000mg CBD oil.  Our face oil is ideal for all our self care needs, alongside our CBD infused Lip Balm.  For instant anxiety relief light up one of our Mini dried flower pre-rolls.  End the night rubbing a dime size piece of our therapeutic salve on all those aches and pains.

(1)2000mg CBD Immunity Booster Oil

(1)3000mg CBD Citrus Oil

(1) 1500mg therapeutic salve

(1) 50 mg CBD lip balm

(1) 500mg Face Oil

(1) Terpene Infused Room Spray

(1) 8 pack of Mini Dried Flower Joints

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