Hemp & Chamomile CBD Tea 2oz


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Tulip Tree Gardens Hemp Chamomile CBD tea 2oz blend.  Made with our Sour Suver Haze 21% CBD and dried Chamomile from our farm.  Add our lose leaf tea to a mesh tea bag seep for 5-8 minutes and add a local honey for sweetness.  Makes roughly 4 cups of tea.

Enjoy this in the evening. Note: this tea may cause drowsiness.

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1 review for Hemp & Chamomile CBD Tea 2oz

  1. Logan Freeman

    5 STARS ALL THE WAY! I live in Indiana, and we all know how strict we are with weed plants and CBD. (Dear Indiana, you vote stupid) So I am just strolling around my local antique shop and see CBD from you guys, I try it out and for the first time in a long time I actually slept good! Love from the Hoosier state!

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