Re-Gen Kids Milpa Garden July 29th Thursday at 4pm


Join us July 29th Thursday from 4pm-5:30 at Tulip Tree Gardens for all things Milpa Garden.

You might be wondering what a milpa Garden is?  The milpa technique originated in Central America where the Mayans used a mixture of corn, squash, and beans to improve the soil and grow food. We went beyond the three sisters and compiled a mix of over 40 different seeds. This is an excellent way to utilize a small portion of land to produce food without going through the hassle of tillage, weeding, and hours of planning.  Your Re-Gen Kid will be learning about and exploring the dense milpa garden searching and harvesting food from the 1 acre plot.  A great way to explore beneficial insects and let the mind wander in nature. Buckets will be provided for harvesting.

Recommend ages 7-14 (Please reach out if you think your Re-gen kid is ready to join if they don’t fall in this age range)

Class led by Hailey our 2nd year Horticulture student.  We recommend arriving 15 min before your scheduled class to unwind at the farm stand before we get started.  You will be dropping off your Re-Gen kids for this class, feel free to stick around and enjoy the sites at the farm on the benches or at our community table by the farm stand.

Class is $25 per each student, includes vegetables harvested from the Milpa Garden.  Also, receive 20% off all of our branded products in the farm stand on the day of the class.

Note:  We will have you sign a waiver on the day of event.

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