Smoke and Stretch 10/16


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Smoke and Stretch 10/16 at 1:00pm

Join us for fall time yoga. Upon arrival you will select your cbd strain of your choice to smoke before you regenerative 1 hour long yoga session.  Come explore Tulip Tree Gardens and deepen your sense of relaxation and connection with the grounds.  Enjoy a walk through the field to a to a nook of tall grasses on the grounds, where you will find our fam yoga pad.   Allow your mind to wander and relax on the farm.  Restore, recharge and regenerate at the farm.

$25 a ticket: early registration recommended to secure your spot.

Ticket Includes:

1 hour restorative yoga session

pre-rolls of your choice including CBD,CBG, and D8 thc

Yoga instructed by Danielle O’leary

Danielle will have yoga mats available here at the farm, feel free to bring your own as well.  Water will be available on the day of the event

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