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CBD Wellness Products

Tulip Tree Gardens’ organically grown CBD products reflect our commitment to protecting and improving the health of our locality, the earth & its inhabitants. It’s the embodiment of family values and a corporate-wide passion for consumers health.


CBD Wellness Products, Heirlooms & Artisinal Flower

Tulip Tree Gardens is a vertically integrated organic produce and CBD wellness brand. Originally founded as a micro-farm providing farmers markets with organically grown produce & flowers, TTG is quickly growing into a full scale, large acreage CBD hemp "farm to bottle" operation

Ready to buy Full Spectrum CBD?

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CBD Tinctures

From farm to bottle, our CBD oil tinctures will help give you the results you have been looking for with ease. Every drop of our full spectrum cbd wellness oil is ready for use no matter what time of day it is.


CBD Body Cream

Say goodbye to aches and creaks. Our Tulip Tree Gardens Full Spectrum Body Cream is ready to help you achieve the steps to complete comfort. Our 250mg 4oz bottle is farm to table, of the highest quality.

New To CBD?

Our human bodies contain a endocannabinoid system, a system that lies over or interfaces with all the other system throughtout your entire body.


Our CBD hemp fields are planted in medium-low densities maximizing terpene & cannabinoid production. This "unused" space in the fields allow for our companion plantings to truly create a regenerative soil structure.

Cover cropping each season regenerates our living soils and creates the ideal environment for a diverse and active biome.

Companion plantings (mainly flowers, herbs & vegetables) serve as the backbone of our infused culinary products and foods. 

Real Customers, Real Results

We purchased the tinctures from Tulip Tree Gardens as our first dive into the CBD world. My wife and I could not be happier with the results we have seen. We will be buying another shortly! Thank you to the great team at Tulip Tree, they have been nothing but helpful on a few questions we had.

John Q.

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about this entire company. Their products have been some of the most affordable for their market. I purchased the body cream first and then eventually got the tincture shortly after. I LOVE Tulip Tree!

Renee W.

My experience with Tulip Tree Gardens has been nothing but positive. I purchased all of our products and have had a great time talking with their team. They are very keen on answering all of the questions I had. It is great to see a CBD brand that focuses on where the product comes from and the quality of it.

Lilly H.

Local Farmstand & Community Outreach

Tulip Tree Gardens recognizes the need for organically grown produce & in our local communities. As a wellness farm, we grow & sell our vegetables and herbs in our farmstand which is open to the public 5 days a week.