CSA Box 4 weeks


4 weeks of our organically grown heirloom produce.  Your box will be filled with 7-10 seasonal produce items.  Including squash, tomatoes, peppers, weekly greens, herbs, and root vegetables. Each week will have a different selection.  All produce is organically grown from our farm, and select network of organic farmers.   Make sure you check out our add on selection including CBD, flowers, milk and eggs.  You will also be enrolled in our our TTG Club get 25% off all of our branded products during your 4 week session.

July: July 8th first pick-up

August: August 5th first pick up

September: September 2nd first pick up

Pick up location Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-3.
Beecher, IL (Tulip Tree Gardens) 1236 E. Eagle Lake Road Beecher, IL 60401

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