D8 8 Mini Joints with Lemon Balm and Calendula


You deserve to…Feel good, kick back, listen to music, dance, relax.  Have a good time. D8 Nite by Tulip Tree Gardens. Enjoy.

Delta 8 is a more subtle cousin to the famous Delta 9. While D9 is typically found in cannabis, our Delta 8 naturally derived from federally compliant hemp flower. A milder but certainly profound flower, users report more of a body sensation perfect for date night or a great nights rest. Our delta 8  pre-rolls are all third party lab tested and compliant within the state of Illinois.

Strain: Lifter with Lemon Balm, and Calendula

8 mini 1/2 gram pre-rolls

14.8% Cannabinoid Content

1:1:1 D8/CBD/Herbs

56mg/g D8 <0.3% D9 THC


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