Man’s Best Friend Large Breed 1000mg CBD oil


We start with coconut based MCT oil when working with pets.  There’s a myriad of reasons for this including its ability to promote healthy skin, regulate insulin, and assist in digestive tract issues. Secondly, we use filtered bacon fat from real bacon. The solubility of MCT, bacon fat, and CBD creates an ideal blend of flavor and benefits.

Dosing: Our 1000mg dog oil is dosed at 33mg per 1ml. We recommend starting your pet with 0.5 ml for animals under 50 lbs and 1 ml for animals over 50 lbs. It is highly recommended that you dose your animal sub-lingual by putting oil right in the animal’s mouth and not on food.  This will allow them to absorb the CBD through the mucus membrane and directly into the blood stream delivering an an unadulterated dose to your pet.

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